Location — Koudougou
Country — Burkina Faso

fig. (1)

front view

fig. (2)

reinforced structure for foundation

fig. (3)

foundation ditch

fig. (4)

1st stage: foundation basement

fig. (5)

floor platform

fig. (6)

2nd stage: temporary structure for assembling

fig. (7)

3d stage: floor placement

fig. (8)

4th stage: 20mm rebar welding

fig. (9)

5th stage: top part assembling

fig. (10)

unprogrammed alternative uses

fig. (11)


fig. (12)


As part of the Infrastructure to supply the school of Schorge, this watertower has been conceived in connection with the local well and the orchard, within the didactic programme for the children. The process of design and construction has been, once again, in relationship with the local needs, techniques, resources and materials.

The structure is composed of 16+16 20mm concrete rebars welded forming a hyperboloid which acquires a somewhat iconic presence. It bears a 3000 liter water tank on the platform situated 6 meters above the ground. The construction process, although planned very rapidly, was carried out succesfully, with very scarce means, but with an efficient coordination between the designers and the workers.