Watermill (steckdose)

Location — Kraut Festival - Luzern
Country — Switzerland

fig. (1)

the cross

fig. (2)

deconstructed swiss cross

fig. (3)
fig. (4)

the plug

fig. (5)

on the river

fig. (6)

transportation procession

fig. (7)


Set up on the river Reuss in Luzern, the mill reveindicates the power of water, a source of energy that has contributed to the development of the city since it’s foundation.
A white cross with the form of a sauwastika rotates with the water, transforms the movement through an alternator into electricity and offers a power plug at the other side of the wall. The sculpture generates a minimal architectonic function, it creates, within an impersonal transit way, a punctual space for use, detention, comfort.