Lycée Schorge

Location — Koudougou
Country — Burkina Faso

fig. (1)

exterior façade

fig. (2)

integrated in the landscape of Burkina Faso

fig. (3)

innner courtyard

fig. (4)


fig. (5)

truss beams assembling

fig. (6)

Exterior wood log façade

fig. (7)

construction in progress

fig. (8)


fig. (9)

constructive axonometry of a module

Financed by the German Stern Stewart Institute, Lycee Schorge is an attempt to bring quality education to the kids of one of the poorest countries of West Africa and the world: Burkina Faso. The participation of the architectural team is, therefore, not superficial. Design, construction and further adaptations have been carried out within a direct and participatory process in which every single agent was involved.

Architecturally, the school is developed around a courtyard; one of the most noticeable elements of the West African architecture; which represents the space for encounter, for discussion, for celebration. The classrooms have been conceived according to very simple cross ventilation and shading principles, with no use of active engineering elements. The main element of the building is a large metallic roof which protects the laterite stone architecture from the strong African sun and enables the circulation of air beneath.